September 20, 2010


Just writing an important update regarding our new pets on the PLP.

Every spring millions of lambs are rejected from their mothers the minute they are born... so farmers find families to take on a lamb(or 2!) to help nurse it into a strong and healthy lamb toddler. I guess the little house has been wanting to get a lamb for the past couple of years, and this year was our lucky break! Not just ONE lamb baby do we get, but TWO!!! So for about 3 months we get to feed them, walk them, laugh at them, and then once our time is up we send them back and then get to eat em. HAHA!

They are both REAL cute!! Tahi (ta.hee) is the little white one, she is really quiet but loves to jump around and stomp her feet. We havn't come to a decision on our little black lamb but he is a noisey rambunctious little guy... who sticks his tongue out everytime he MMAAAAAAAAAHs.


Teresa accidentaly put the lambs milk in her tea.

Just chillin in the backyard with the 3 legged cat

In other news,  a couple months back Teresa and I each made a list of 50 things to do before November so for todays list check off - No talking for 24 hours. It is only 1030am.... and is proving to be a little tougher than I thought!! hahah... will be an interesting day :)  Other things on the list include: Making a meal from the new cookbook (check!) and eating a meal with no hands (check!) I've eaten nothing but cereal for an entire day, and havn't indulged in any sweets for 10 days!

Thats it for now. Hope all is well with everyone!

September 12, 2010

spring time! yum.

Well.. it's that time of the year - the snow is melting, the suns rays are getting spicier, the grass is slowly turning green and cute little lambs are popping out left right and center. Only a few more weeks left of the winter season I would say.. it's kind of been a joke really.. 2 powder days! woooo!! haha na, but it has been a real fun time :o) ....waiting not so patiently for summer to arrive though.. really looking forward to bare feet and long summer nights! 

In the mean time I have been soaking up all the outdoors has to offer by golfing (if you could call it that..) for a mates birthday, hiking a wee bit, went on Queenstown's famous Earnslaw Steamboat across the lake for an afternoon picnic and a little farm show ... oh yea - and keeping up my busy work schedual of approx 10 hr a week....ha! Maybe with the new season will come a new job! Yeah!

oh, and in other news - yes, I felt the 7.1 Earthquake which happened up in Christchurch... however I didn't really know what it was or what was happening so I rolled over and went back to sleep :) poor Christchurch all in peices... glad everyone was safe though!

pictures. ENJOY! (if you click on them, it makes it bigger!!)

Nikki's BDAY  - wearing our appropriate Golf attire
The Earnslaw with Queenstown in the background! Yum picnic BBQ lunch!
mah aah aa aa aa black sheep baby!
looking good mamas! hahahaha!