March 29, 2011

today is tuesday

and i feel like writing.

It is a beautiful day in Queenstown today!
the sun is shining,
my music is playing.

I've decided castles are really cool,
and I think I'd like to live in one.
It would totally rule. Imagine the fun!
I'd invite everyone.

We'd have a pet seahorse and a moat.
And in our moat we'd be able to float on our giant swan boat,
with heaps of paddle and bumper boats too!

Of course we'd have a bouncy castle outside of our real one, ball pool included.
you know, those giant pools full of balls.. where you can jump and flip and swim around in.

I'd quite like if there were heaps of fruit trees around as well.
Apples and bananas and nectarines, plums and cherries and even giant delicious blueberries.

And with our bananas we could make phones.
Because everybody knows how much banana phones rock.

Anyways, this is just what I was thinking while sipping my tea this morning,
as I sat in the sun admiring,
how remarkable the Remarkables are.
And how massive and gorgeous Lake Wakatipu is.

If only I had some bux fizz. (aka bubbly o! champ and orange!)

It's a wonderful life I live.

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