December 19, 2010

Christmas in summer makes no sense.

Well, I suppose its time I post a little update! Been too busy having fun running,skipping, jumping, bouncing, BBQing, swimming, lamb owning, dressing up, kayaking, scooping gelato and playing in the sun to sit down and write a little hello to the world out there. Summer has officially arrived here in NZ, and it is glorious!!!! I've been working the past couple months at a Dessert bar in town - serving delicious gelato and waffles to the people of Queenstown. Its been good, finding it slightly dangerous though working right in the centre of town with the summer party vibe buzzing all around! Oh well, it is summer time and the livings easy ha! Na, It's awesome - warm nights and it doesnt get dark till 1030 :o)  the only thing I can't quite wrap my head around is the fact that it is December 19th..... 6 days until Christmas and if you'd ask me I'd say it were 6 months away! I guess I've got to leave the snowy wintery Canadian Christmas feel behind and accept New Zealands signs - which apparently are Cherry's being sold on the side of the streets, and the Rata trees blossoming!     We went tree hunting in flip flops with a nice cool cider in hand - and it is now sitting in our living room (in front of the fire place!) nicely decorated with snowflakes, sparkles and bows.  This year it looks like we will be CAMPING Christmas eve! Right beside Moke Lake (just outside QT) so when we wake up Christmas morning in our nice hot steamy tints (tents) we can jump into the lake too cool off :o) I suspect then we will head home at some point for a mean feast (christmas lunch) and SLIP N SLIDE all day long!!!!  

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday :o) stay warm, drink me an eggnog,
have a FANTASTIC New Year and a very Merry Christmas to you

Love, peasoup and fa la la's  xx

recap of the past couple months:

Shogun got a new doo

We like to have dress up parties

I went up to visit friends in Christchuch, and we went to CUP DAY!! I won 28 dollars.

we got a trampoline!!!

but then it broke... :o(
Getting our Christmas tree!

I turned 22 and made everyone wear their clothes backwards!

Thanks to Miss Murphy, I got to go to MILFORD SOUND for the day!

I spy with my little eye

Sarah and I on our way to Milford :o)


Queenstown, you are beautiful.