January 28, 2011

and so,

it is official.

I AM STAYING IN NEW ZEALAND ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My job is AWESOME and sponsored me so I can keep living the dream over here - continue to laugh and dance, frolick and adventure. Who knows if I will stay until the end - but I am at least here for another winter season :o) YAY!

life is groovy.

January 14, 2011

two thousand ind tin.

Nearly 365 glorious days ago I was just getting ready to leave CANADIA to come see what exciting things I could find in the land of the long white cloud. And holy bajoly what exciting things I have found!

lambs: the worlds dumbest animal - yet almost better than a dog. Who knew I'd ever own a pet lamb? Shogun has taught me a lot about the lifestyle of a sheep... eat eat shit eat bah bah eat bah shit. pee. get stuck in,over,under and around anything possible, eat.. and bah. He loves being taken for walks though! New grass to eat, new streets to run down and then poop on. He loves head butting things too. What a life. Too bad its over when he reaches 35 kg.

Marmite: A savoury spread Kiwis eat on toast. A delicious savoury spread in which they will fight to the bitter end over with the aussies - the marmite vs vegemite battle will go on forever - and I`ll definitely stick with kiwis for this one.. marmite all the way!

The PLP: best find ever. I`m so lucky to have stumbled across such a fun and enthusiastic group of friends who are ALWAYS down for some kind of adventure. Be it dress up time, arts and crafts time... hiking, biking, kayaking, swiming, running, skipping or frolicking...rolling down hills or late night dancing. Theres always something to look forward to on the PLP - my home away from home :o)

Love:  for so many things! Sunshine, friends, family, veggies... fruit tree's..pretty much life in general..oh, and this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! I love everything about New Zealand. It's just so simple and chill here! It gets by with what it has and its perfect. No need for the unnecessary items in life :o) .. like a christmas tree stand.... why not just use a bucket filled with rocks? The people are friendly and everyone seems to be in wander pace alongside myself! Man! the police don't even have guns!!! haha :o) I've been here 340 days - and I've just sent my application in for another 365!!!! GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and please cross your fingers :o) )

I`ve found that I no longer refuse to eat parsley and mushrooms - Mom you`ll be happy to hear that. I`m not sure if I should admit to this, but I also may or may not have taken a slight liking to COFFEE..... I know, things have happened, times are changing. It`s 2011 now.. get excited! I still have a hard time with my left and rights though, and twirling is still one of my favourite things of life. I miss dill pickles and Ceasars, but have replaced them with pineapple lumps and Cider... mmm. I could do with less teasing of my canadian accent, though I get to make fun of the kiwi one just as much! (You igg!)

 I do miss friends and fam back home, don`t worry I havn`t forgotten about you and I often find myself reminicing about past adventures we`ve once shared. But my passport allows me to travel until 2013, so see you in a few years!!! haha! joking....... maybe.

 New Zealand is my 22nd country by the age of 22... some people collect buttons and stamps....I seem to enjoy collecting countries (I guess thats sort of a stamp collection..in my passport!) I quite enjoyed 2010, so lets hope 2011 has heaps more in store!!

January 8, 2011

Rubbish day

It was 8 am and I woke up to the sound of Teresa bustling about, as I often do. Laying in bed just a little longer I decided to head down and join her for a nice cuppa and a good morning chat..... a nice cuppa indeed, a good morning chat.. well.. not so much. After a lovely 6 days off for Teresa it was time to head back to work (in the cold pissing rain) so the usual "waaaa i dont want to go back to work" rant came a flowing, and then BLAST! in a flast she was out the door. As I was just finishing my cup of tea Emmer popped outta her room and was about to head to work aswell when she looked at me and said "is it thursday?" I thought about it for a moment...okay a long time.. and came to the conclusion that yes, indeed.. it was thursday! AND TERESA FORGOT TO PUT THE GARBAGE OUT!(every thursday for as long as I can remember, Teresa takes the garbage out on her way to work) Lucky for Emma's memory - the garbage was put out and all was groovy.

A few minutes later I recieved a text from Teresa saying "rubbish day!" ..... so of course I automatically replied with an optimistic text telling her that it will get better and maybe Paul Henry (her favourite person of all time) will show up at work and ask her to marry him.. or something.. and I went on with my day.

Anyways, nope. Turns out I was wrong. Rubbish day......Every thursday is rubbish day on fernhill.... Teresa wasn't complaining about the day anymore, just a simple reminder for me to put the RUBBISH out... silly me.. you'd think after being here nearly a YEAR I'd have caught up on the kiwi lingo.... next time I guess :o)