December 19, 2010

Christmas in summer makes no sense.

Well, I suppose its time I post a little update! Been too busy having fun running,skipping, jumping, bouncing, BBQing, swimming, lamb owning, dressing up, kayaking, scooping gelato and playing in the sun to sit down and write a little hello to the world out there. Summer has officially arrived here in NZ, and it is glorious!!!! I've been working the past couple months at a Dessert bar in town - serving delicious gelato and waffles to the people of Queenstown. Its been good, finding it slightly dangerous though working right in the centre of town with the summer party vibe buzzing all around! Oh well, it is summer time and the livings easy ha! Na, It's awesome - warm nights and it doesnt get dark till 1030 :o)  the only thing I can't quite wrap my head around is the fact that it is December 19th..... 6 days until Christmas and if you'd ask me I'd say it were 6 months away! I guess I've got to leave the snowy wintery Canadian Christmas feel behind and accept New Zealands signs - which apparently are Cherry's being sold on the side of the streets, and the Rata trees blossoming!     We went tree hunting in flip flops with a nice cool cider in hand - and it is now sitting in our living room (in front of the fire place!) nicely decorated with snowflakes, sparkles and bows.  This year it looks like we will be CAMPING Christmas eve! Right beside Moke Lake (just outside QT) so when we wake up Christmas morning in our nice hot steamy tints (tents) we can jump into the lake too cool off :o) I suspect then we will head home at some point for a mean feast (christmas lunch) and SLIP N SLIDE all day long!!!!  

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday :o) stay warm, drink me an eggnog,
have a FANTASTIC New Year and a very Merry Christmas to you

Love, peasoup and fa la la's  xx

recap of the past couple months:

Shogun got a new doo

We like to have dress up parties

I went up to visit friends in Christchuch, and we went to CUP DAY!! I won 28 dollars.

we got a trampoline!!!

but then it broke... :o(
Getting our Christmas tree!

I turned 22 and made everyone wear their clothes backwards!

Thanks to Miss Murphy, I got to go to MILFORD SOUND for the day!

I spy with my little eye

Sarah and I on our way to Milford :o)


Queenstown, you are beautiful.

October 8, 2010


After 2 long weeks of non stop rain and uglyness, (also known as "the biggest storm on the planet - the size of Australia" covering the entire country) - we have had a GLORIOUS taste the past few days of whats to come :o)

I think it's safe to say that never ever in my life have I been so excited to see the snow leave... I feel like I'm betraying my one true love but to be honest, I'M SO STOKED FOR THE SUMMER TO OFFICIALLY ARRIVE!!!!!

no shoes, no pants, daylight untill 11pm..... POPSICLES! cheap fresh fruit and veggies!!! yummmm... who would'nt be excited?

But don't get me wrong, It's been a real fun winter season here!! Awesome days riding in the sunshine with a sweet crew..and with the lack of real snow and challenging terrain here to keep me really occupied... it was nice to do a season in the park getting my tricks on! haha :)

Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitment and I can't wait for summer to officially arrive!! weeeeeee!

and just so you all know, our lambs are still the coolest ones kickin - keeping us well entertained every day! Shoguns tail even fell off today! haha! yuck.

happy weekend :o)

we hosted a beach party for the sunny occasion!

and we made a human pyramid!
we even had a giant slip'n'slide!

September 20, 2010


Just writing an important update regarding our new pets on the PLP.

Every spring millions of lambs are rejected from their mothers the minute they are born... so farmers find families to take on a lamb(or 2!) to help nurse it into a strong and healthy lamb toddler. I guess the little house has been wanting to get a lamb for the past couple of years, and this year was our lucky break! Not just ONE lamb baby do we get, but TWO!!! So for about 3 months we get to feed them, walk them, laugh at them, and then once our time is up we send them back and then get to eat em. HAHA!

They are both REAL cute!! Tahi (ta.hee) is the little white one, she is really quiet but loves to jump around and stomp her feet. We havn't come to a decision on our little black lamb but he is a noisey rambunctious little guy... who sticks his tongue out everytime he MMAAAAAAAAAHs.


Teresa accidentaly put the lambs milk in her tea.

Just chillin in the backyard with the 3 legged cat

In other news,  a couple months back Teresa and I each made a list of 50 things to do before November so for todays list check off - No talking for 24 hours. It is only 1030am.... and is proving to be a little tougher than I thought!! hahah... will be an interesting day :)  Other things on the list include: Making a meal from the new cookbook (check!) and eating a meal with no hands (check!) I've eaten nothing but cereal for an entire day, and havn't indulged in any sweets for 10 days!

Thats it for now. Hope all is well with everyone!

September 12, 2010

spring time! yum.

Well.. it's that time of the year - the snow is melting, the suns rays are getting spicier, the grass is slowly turning green and cute little lambs are popping out left right and center. Only a few more weeks left of the winter season I would say.. it's kind of been a joke really.. 2 powder days! woooo!! haha na, but it has been a real fun time :o) ....waiting not so patiently for summer to arrive though.. really looking forward to bare feet and long summer nights! 

In the mean time I have been soaking up all the outdoors has to offer by golfing (if you could call it that..) for a mates birthday, hiking a wee bit, went on Queenstown's famous Earnslaw Steamboat across the lake for an afternoon picnic and a little farm show ... oh yea - and keeping up my busy work schedual of approx 10 hr a week....ha! Maybe with the new season will come a new job! Yeah!

oh, and in other news - yes, I felt the 7.1 Earthquake which happened up in Christchurch... however I didn't really know what it was or what was happening so I rolled over and went back to sleep :) poor Christchurch all in peices... glad everyone was safe though!

pictures. ENJOY! (if you click on them, it makes it bigger!!)

Nikki's BDAY  - wearing our appropriate Golf attire
The Earnslaw with Queenstown in the background! Yum picnic BBQ lunch!
mah aah aa aa aa black sheep baby!
looking good mamas! hahahaha!

August 18, 2010

a fun day on the hill

Here's a little video my mate Ash put together of a day in the life of us snowbums :o)

August 17, 2010

just another weekend on the PLP....

My weekend started off with the lovely sound of Teresas voice with the accompaniment of musical thumps as she marched up the stairs and paced back and forth between Seamus and I's room. "Up stairs, time to get up! up stairs, time to get up! up stairs! time to get up!" and it slowly faded away...

This isn't unusual amongst the little house, as we are a very musical group.... sort of. Nor is it unusual for T to feel the need to wake everyone else up because the day has already started in her world.

I laid in bed for just a little bit longer, because bed is a wonderful place and then decided to check a few emails - one being from my mate KELLY MCBROOM! (who is currently in Queenstown training) stating she would be in town from approximately 12 pm - 2:30 pm, having lunch and wandering about, so if I was around, she suggested to meet up!! yay! However one slight problem.. she is phoneless.. so I got out of bed, and decided to head downtown to have a wander and hope for the best.

Mission successful! Ran into her within 10 min of walking around and we had a exciting little reunion!!

Next: met up with Stikki(mates Steph&Nikki), and 2 of their friends and decided to go on an adventure walk - always an exciting time! We followed a goat trail (that even smelled like goats, apparently) up the backside of Queenstown Hill through bushes, over logs, under trees, around (and through) prickle bushes, across streams until we finally made it to the top of the hill, where we sat in the "Basket of dreams" and overlooked Queenstown and it's beauty. (Basket of dreams is literally a giant copper bowl thing that looks like a nest of some sort, at the top of this hill where you go to dream...i guess..)

We then ate pasta and went to our buddies going away party, also an adventure within itself.

SUNDAY: was one extremely adventurous day... even more so than the previous (if you can believe that!)

It also started with T coming upstairs to wake us up - however a little less musical as the morning before. We all gathered downstairs for a nice morning cup of tea and thought about what kind of fun things we could get up to that day..... it wasn't until after Emma suggested we make an extreme obstacle course in our backyard that we thought "HEY!!! LETS TOTALLY BUILD AN EXTREME OBSTACLE COURSE IN OUR BACKYARD!!!" So for the next half hour we ran around thinking of sweet ideas and obstacles we could do, and then got to work.

Minus a little break to the op shop where we purchased a 4$ push scooter and the worlds most amazing vintage lounge chair (tassels included) - we basically spent the day creating possibly the best most extreme course the PLP(our street) has ever seen.

6PM our guests arrived - and the adventure began. Once we completed the course we were all rewarded with a delicious roast dinner :)

..and that was just another weekend on the PLP.

What did you do this weekend?

The Obstacle Course of Extreme Measures

weaving through the trees of mysterious things

over the wall of fire and under the dragons table
up the stairs of horrible trips to eat 2 crackers and then attempt to whistle
through the tunnle of death
across the beam of insaneness WHILE trying not to drop the egg off the spoon

over the teeter totter of terror after hula-ing the hulahoop of flames
across the fence of unknown danger
through the tires of extremeness and over the 2nd T.T.O.T
and past the jump of great lengths to do the bike of doom
climb the ladder of terrifying heights,  to finish with 2 summersaults to towards the finish line!

August 6, 2010

strep throat is oodles of fun!

Ahoy there! Just spent the past 3 days in bed - with none other than my lovely visitor strep throat. It likes to visit me quite often, usually on surprise. Went to bed just peachy tuesday night, and woke up at 3 am with massive ear ache and a tonsil the size of china. By the morning, it was purple and covered in puss and I was dead to the world! ohhhh the fun! Day two, both tonsils have taken over my entire throat and breathing gets trickier. Also keeping me company was a really awesome fever :) Thankfully I have real sweet friends who bought me ice cream and popsicles, and soup! Still havn't really managed to eat anything solid ... but I feel the drugs slowly kicking in so hopefully I can eat by tomorrow!

Other than that my week was going just fine! Monday Nikki Teresa and I went on an adventure to WANAKA! where we ate lunch, they taught me how to drive manual in a field, Nikki bought tennis rackets for 2$ from wastebusters(wanakas version of the reuseit center!) we discovered a pretty cool campground with a wicked bridge and then went to cromwell for some delicious frozen yogurt! yum! Cromwell, known for the biggest fruits you'll ever encounter! And Seamus made cookies the size of our heads.

I'll throw in some pics for your viewing pleasure, as dad would say.

Good news though, I am no longer contagious!
Hope you are all fabulous, have a lovely weekend :o)

Adventure day

Got up to 2nd gear!
worlds biggest cookie!
Dead Ants at the worlds biggest fruit!

and a nice close up of my tonsils for all of you :o) YUMMM!!

August 3, 2010

picture update of my life in july

pipe cleaner party!

free face painting at Remarks!
I'ts a tough life we live...picnicing at the top of the world!

The parents celebrate their 35th anniversary

and my buddy Heather came down from Christchruch for a quick 24 hr visit!

August 2, 2010

bloggo numero uno

Dear blog readers,

I want to welcome you to my first ever BLOG!! I thought maybe it was about time I start one of these thingers to keep all you keeners up to date with my ever so exciting life!!

Todays special occasion: none really, except that I've been in New Zealand for nearly 6 months! 6 months of awesome magical really really fun times!

a quick recap maybe?

Left wonderful Canada Feb 5th, arrived in glorious New Zealand on the 7th.

I spent 3 months travelling around this beautiful country - 2 and a half months on the North island; road trips, camping, sky diving, soaking up the sun and playing in the ocean.. and quick couple weeks down the west coast of the south island - swimming with wild dolphins and chillin with sea lions, taking in the amazing scenery and having a fun time with Jill!

3 weeks to AUSTRALIA to visit friends, and a wicked family vacay (mom and dad spent a month in aus, graham living in brisbane, and katie surprised us by coming over for 2 weeks!) so that was entertaining and nice to see them all :)

Back to NZ beg of May - found a place to live here in Queenstown with 3 fun kiwis and met back up with many of the ppl I met while adventuring around the country.

and here we are, August 2nd and I am still loving life - living, working and snowboarding heaps, and obviously picking up some kiwi lingo :o)

All is groovy, I hope you are all having a lovely summer (now that its maybe finally arrived?)

..and stay tuned for daily or weekly or lets hope not too monthly updates of what sort of adventures I find myself getting into!!!

(and here are some pics of the first 3 months travelling around!)